Additionally, I am indigenous Aarjel Saemieh (South Saami), Anishinaabe (Ojibway), and Swedish - and a recognized traditional fire keeper, medicine keeper, sweat lodge conductor, pipe carrier, knowledge keeper of nature, and both primitive arts and traditional forest living expert.

If nature is a central value in your life - or if you wish it was - contact me.



Hi, my name is Ojiig (aka. Barefoot Dave) 
I'm a professional spiritual coach, who specializes in forest healing and using nature to help clients to grow spiritually and holistically.  I have over 30 years of experience, working with a wide variety of people. 

My life is extremely meditative, spiritually expressive, and filled with spiritual discipline.  I have enhanced my spiritual teachings by living simply, spiritually and sustainably for over 40 years; intentionally exiling myself from the status quo.  ​​For me the status quo is NOT good enough, my passion is to live with spiritual power and truth in the natural world.


We respectfully acknowledge that we are living on the treaty and traditional Territory of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory).  We offer our gratitude to the people for living in relationship with us and allowing us to live with you.  We further thank and honour you for your position of rightful caretakers of this land.  As well as for sharing with us your teachings about our Mother Earth, and how to live in right relationships.  With gratitude and peace we strive to acknowledge, honour, and as much as is possible, live according to your traditional teachings and culture.

We love and are very thankful for you all.


(Note: Dave does NOT teach Mohawk culture)