- Ahneen, Boozhoo, Hej, Dearvva, and Hello -

My name is Dave (aka Barefoot Dave), and my spirit name means "he sets them free", I am a Culture Keeper, Earth Skills Expert, and Indigenous Spiritual and Life Coach.  I am proudly Aarjel Saemieh, Anishinaabe, Swedish, and Scottish.  For over 35 years I have been guiding and empowering people just like you to their true indigenous "arrodh" (live/be).

Our specialty is partnering with you and the Creator to FREE YOUR SPIRIT and transform your life. 

We do this by Empowering you to repair and complete your circle - returning knowledge and ceremony while helping to heal the damage created by trauma. 

Our specialty includes, but is not limited to, returning creation/earth awareness, traditional living and earthskills, ceremonies, culture, and indigenous spiritual and life coaching.  


Being a traditional spiritual advisor I DO NOT work for money - we prefer a GIFT; this is a traditional sign of respect.  The gift can be whatever you feel is appropriate.  We've had people bring food, coffee, and traditional tobacco, sage, sweetgrass or other plants.  Please do not bring invasive plants or store bought tobacco.  If it is easier for you to bring money - it will be considered a donation not payment. 

If you are struggling and unable to bring a gift please don't let that stop you from contacting or visiting us...the gift is just a sign of respect not a requirement.

If you are seeking organizational or professional consulting/training we will require payment (contact for further info), UNLESS you are an indigenous person or organization.



- Dave@exilednomad.com or thehippiemoose@gmail.com - 


We respectfully acknowledge that we are living on the treaty and traditional Territory of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory).  We offer our gratitude to the people for living in relationship with us and allowing us to live with you.  We further thank and honour you for your position of rightful caretakers of this land.  As well as for sharing with us your teachings about our earth, and how to live in right relationships.  With gratitude and peace we strive to acknowledge, honour, and as much as is possible to live according to your traditional teachings and culture.

We love and are very thankful for you all.


(Note: Dave does NOT teach Mohawk culture)