​​A well trained Elder becomes a voice for the conscience of the community.  

Empowering it to move forward in health, love, purpose, and mutual respect. 

Elder Dave facilitating discussions at camps


Privacy and Confidentiality is guaranteed - unless we believe you are at serious risk of hurting yourself or other people.  It must also be understoodwe are not professional counsellors our "professional training" is in spiritual formation, development, guidance, and growth.  If an issue surfaces that we can't help you with we will join you in finding further help.  


While some of what I teach includes simple concepts familiar to some Indigenous peoples - I AM NOT, nor will I ever, sell native culture, teachings, or spirituality.  (If you are indigenous I will teach you what I know)

As well, I am NOT professing to be an elder for Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory - we are elders who live in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.  It must also be understood that we are not professional mental health counsellors, we are spiritual elders.

The Journey 


Dave is very well known for his many volunteer projects and acts of service, especially in Indigenous communities.  While he seeks to restore ALL people to their original potential he is DEEPLY committed to doing anything he can to restore WORLD INDIGENOUS PEOPLES - our languages, cultures, lands, and people - to OUR CREATOR's original vision and purpose for our people.    

If you have an interest in helping Indigenous Peoples we suggest reading the "United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples".  And if you are Canadian check out the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada : Calls to Action". 

Then break out of your comfort zone and get to know Indigenous Peoples - try attending a powwow, or learning about and supporting Orange Shirt Day on September 30th.    


Simply put "the Journey" or "The Path" is the daily process of transforming into a spiritually healthy and empowered person.

For many people life is either a competition to win, or an endless struggle to manage circumstances.  However you describe your life - positive or negative - spiritual growth and focus will always make your life more fulfilling, purposeful, and successful. 

A fulfilling life isn't something that just happens.  A huge first step is acknowledging that your spiritual beliefs (and values) effect every decision and direction of your life.  What you believe and more importantly "how you live your beliefs" effects your relationships, intimacy, parenting, work, finances. and even play.     

ARE YOU STRESSED, OR IN NEED OF SUPPORT?                                                                                                                  ...CONTACT US


Our specialty is youth and young adults but will work with anyone.  We LOVE to work with artists, the marginalized, indigenous peoples, and anyone living in a counterculture.  We have helped conservative Christians and traditional peoples alike.  No person or belief system is out of bounds...we can help you.


To begin with we are NOT "religious" - we are spiritual.  Religion can often become a mere philosophy or a set of agreed upon rules, while spirituality is a fluid relationship. 

Simply stated our method includes the intertwining of spirituality, with experiences in nature, and art...and lots of conversations around the campfire or drinking coffee/tea in our house.  What we do is help you clarify your spiritual direction, and empower you with spiritual disciplines, while teaching you life skills you request. 

Our journey process includes helping you to explore your own understanding of yourself and what truly motivates you. 

Then we empower you to make a plan and understand the steps you need to take to accomplish your life vision.  


We offer you the gift of a caring and supportive relationship in a safe and natural environment.  Essentially an Elder is part life coach, spiritual guide, personal counsellor, teacher, and historian.   So connection and conversation (meaningful relationship) is central to our process. 

As well, we offer you life-changing resources and teachings that include creative and experiential activities.  

Finally, we provide you with a beautiful natural environment that inspires introspection and gratitude.  Interaction with nature brings life to a pause - worries disappear and focus is freed. 

To learn more contact us.

-recognized by others as an elder; by many communities and individuals, and Camp Elder at Pinaaz-i Zibi Maamawi. 
-over 35 years experience helping people; PTSD and other mental health issues, addictions, relational/family issues, anti-suicide, etc.
-over 35 years giving spiritual guidance/teaching in a variety of settings; well versed in Traditional Indigenous (Eastern Woodland) Spirituality and Christianity.  Has helped people of other faiths.
-a formal Bachelor's Degree in spiritual formation & development.

-5 years experience in professional adventure growth facilitation.
-a  recognized traditional Firekeeper, Medicine Keeper, and Sweat Lodge Conductor.
-a surrogate Uncle for Rites of Passage ceremonies; very passionate about teaching and guiding younger generations. 
-Culture Keeper/Teacher; for communities, camps, secondary schools, public service organizations, etc.

-Expert at Eastern Woodland and Boreal Forest bushcraft and traditional living skills. (He also lives it not just a teacher)

-a gifted storyteller who often uses stories both traditional and personal to teach important lessons.

-traditional folk artist; a trained wampum belt maker, hide & leatherworker, weaver/basket maker, and more. 

​-Certified Minister (EMCC.ca) - I can offer Wedding Services to Indigenous peoples who want traditional expressions in their ceremony.  And marry anyone else.