Note: In order to give the best experience possible we have started to put money aside for a "sustainable guesthouse".  Our goal is to design and build a couple simple, sustainable, and self-sufficient living areas that people can visit. They will be available year-round, allow privacy, and give you a better growth experience.

​​NOW WHAT?...

​1) us


2)  ...visit us

There are many benefits to visiting us:

  • the most important is meaningful connection in a safe space.
  • opporunity to actively observe, experience (participate in), and understand a working model,
  • our simple homestead allows for quiet introspection, creative thinking and activities, as well as un-cluttered communication, and 
  • some of the skills we teach would require special permission from landowners which is easier to avoid.

For small groups, leadership teams, or large familieswe have a camping area with a Tipi and Lavvu, or you can bring your own tents. Our site is rustic so groups should expect to use outhouses and an outdoor shower (in summer). We have fire pits for cooking and socializing, and you are welcome to bring your own BBQ.  We have two BBQ's on the site - you need to supply your own food, water, and propane (to keep cost down). 

For individuals, couples, and small families we have a special guest space in our house - with a real indoor toilet and shower :) .  Individuals, couples, and families can visit us year-round.

What happens while we are together is really up to you and your needs - we can relax and chat, or teach you skills.    Leaders have an option of fully engaging in our "UNCONVENTIONAL MISSIOLOGY" lessons.  Either way Interactions will be based on your expressed needs, wants, or life purpose/mission.  

3)  ...we will travel to you to             teach small groups only

This includes families, a small group of friends, to facilitate workshops at conferences, leadership team training, youth groups/clubs, support groups, home churches, community outreach teams, etc.,  OR,  

If you want to stop in for a short visit - coffee and tea is always available :)