Meet Dave

Now that you've met Dave the professional, here's Dave the dude...

Some Highlights from Dave's Story:  

-he was babysat by a folk singing, goat homesteading, hippie single mom (filled with love) who passed on her love for art, creativity, and countercultures.
​-he became a very troubled pre-teenager; violent, vandalism, shoplifting, substance abuse, etc. 
-but was saved from a life of violence by a full patch Satan's Choice M.C. biker.

-his childhood spiritual awakening involved a crow, then in high school a bloody confrontation and a punk band solidified his spiritual direction.

-in response, he left a gang of trouble makers and joined a tribe of Adventure Sports Freaks (Surfing, BMX, Windsurfing, Rock Climbing) who spent their free time helping their peers conquer personal issues. 

-this inspired him, still a teenager, to travel by bicycle to neighboring communities to help marginalized teenagers; sometimes sleeping on the side of the road  

 -which provided opportunities for the Creator to use him to help save the lives of 20 suicidal teenagers (at the same event); and many other unexpected miracles.

-in college he lived on the streets of Toronto to learn about homelessness and helping the homeless.  And to this day he often leads spontaneous spiritual wellness discussions with homeless people in public parks

-travelled with a sponsored skateboard team to remote communities simply to bring joy
-helped police capture a suicidal fugitive; helped her with spiritual concerns before getting the police involved - and following his guidance she left her life of crime
-led Canada's largest wilderness adventure growth camp
-completed a wilderness canoe adventure to find and climb Ontario's highest elevation (Ishpatina Ridge), and deepest canyon (Ishpatina Canyon) - back before roads went there
-served in some of North America's most suicidal, violent, and addicted communities 

There is no greater freedom and joy than knowing


As already mentioned, Dave was born into a desperate situation, and labelled "psychotic"as a pre-teen, it was predicted Dave would end up homeless, addicted to drugs, in jail, or dead before he was twenty. HOWEVER, those predictions were never fulfilled.

Rather than meet that fate he was rescued and EMPOWERED to make a difference in the lives of others; for
over 30 years he has guided and coached people in need and emerging leaders.

 His story is inspirational, empowering, and life changing.

​​​-designed a Music CD cover that was nominated for a National Music Award

-has met and photographed famous international singers and musicians

-travelled internationally as a professional band photographer

-is a multimedia folk artist​; woodworking, blacksmithing, leather, hides, weaving etc. 

-has lived completely off-grid with his wife and their two awesome kids ( now young men).  

​​And his greatest accomplishment - learning to live an OUTSTANDING and EXTREMELY FULFILLING LIFE from a VERY STRONG SPIRITUAL foundation - - and doing ALL of this while suffering from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a severe Dissociative Disorder.